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  • Question: Is there any risk with the herbal alcohol de-addiction drug if we give it to a person without his knowledge?
  • Answer: No.It is absolutely safe even it is given without the knowledge of the patient.
  • Question:How can we handle this medicine safely without the knowledge of the patient?
  • Answer:This medicine is colourless, odourless and tasteless.So it is very easy to give it to the patient by mixing it with the food particle like 'health drinks' or 'curry'.
  • Question:What will be the complication if any one of the family member or children swallow the medicine mixed food accidentally?
  • Answer:This medicine will not act in non-alcoholics.So nothing will happen if the medicine is swallowed by others even children.
  • Question:What will happen to the patient during the initial stage of treatment?
  • Answer:The patient hates alcohol in the first week itself and use to avoid their alcoholic friends and tries to go home in time.
  • Question:What will happen if the patient drinks alcohol during treatment?
  • Answer:During treatment,if alcohol is taken by the patient, it will remain in the digestive tract without any change.It may cause vomiting feel or un-usual upper abdomen discomfort or dumbness.
  • Question:Please tell the complication if the patient drinks regularly during the treatment?
  • Answer:The patient withdraw alcohol within 10-15 days of treatment.He cannot continue alcohol freely during treatment or later. No more serious complications will occur except gastric discomfort if alcohol is taken during treatment.
  • Question:What can we do if the patient is not responding to the medicine?
  • Answer:Very good question...!!! Resistant cases may not respond to this drug initially during treatment.In this situation the dosage of the medicine should be increased.Double dose per day(2 packs of medicine/daily) for 1 or 2 weeks will be helpful for getting a good response. The dosage can be reduced later.
  • Question:What is the reason for the tiredness felt by the patient during treatment?
  • Answer:Some of the patients may feel a little tiredness during treatment.The tiredness is only due to the sudden fall of alcohol content in the blood.
  • Question:How can we manage the patient when he is very tired during treatment?
  • Answer:Fresh fruit juices and vegetable soups will regain the patient from tiredness immediately.
  • Question:What will be the full course of treatment?
  • Answer:The patient must take medicine daily for at least 3 months .Depends upon the patient the duration of treatment may be increased.
  • Question:Will the patient use alcohol after treatment?
  • Answer:The patient withdraw alcohol 100% if he get the full course of treatment.The patient must be in observation by the family members later to maintain alcohol free life.'Rarely' some patients consume alcohol even after 3 months course.For such exceptional cases,treatment should be continued later with intervals(weekly once or twice) for a fruitful result.
  • Question:Will the patient get personality changes after treatment in addition to withdrawal of ALCOHOL?
  • Answer:Sure..!!!The patient is humble in their activities after treatment and sincere with their routine works.They use to avoid their alcoholic friends and keep to spend with their family members.


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