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Piles or Hemorrhoids are varicosity or swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus.


  • Hemorrhoid include genetic pre disposing(weak rectal vein walls and or valves).
  • Excessive strain during passing motion,and too much pressure on the rectal veins due to poor muscle tone causing hemorrhoids.
  • Sitting for a prolonged periods of time can cause hemorrhoids.
  • Hypertension particularly in the portal vein causing haemorrhoid(ex:patients with Cirrhosis of Liver).
  • Recurrent constipation or Diarrhoea may cause hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy causes haemorrhoid due to the pressure over the rectal vein.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine can cause hemorrhoids.

Based on the severity of piles ,it is classified in to 4 degrees.

First degree Piles: Piles that bleed but do not bulge out of the anal opening.
Second degree Piles: In the early stage the piles may prolapse during the passage of stool but they recede (draw back) on their own.
Third degree Piles: As the disease progresses the piles do not recede back on their own and have to be replaced by hand.
Fourth degree Piles: In still advanced cases the Piles may prolapse anytime of the day (i.e. even without passage of stool) especially if the person is tired or exerts himself. These Piles remain permanently prolapsed.
  • In Siddha system ,Hemorrhoids are called "MOOLA NOI".
  • In Siddha literatures, 21-types of Hemorrhoids are explained in detail.
  • Among the 21 types,9 of them are said to be "not curable".
  • Not curable means that these types not respond to oral medicines.
  • For such cases surgical methods were carried out in the siddha system.
  • Some specialised instruments like 'probe' and 'proctoscope' were used by the very old siddha surgeons.
  • Even now siddha surgical procedure is practiced in some places of Tamilnadu and Kerala of south India.
  • A medicated 'thread' called KAARA NOOL (OR) corrosive thread is the main part of Siddha surgical method for Piles.
  • In the Government Ayurveda Medical College of Trivandrum,this "corrosive thread" method is practiced daily today.
  • This medicated thread cuts the pile mass and the waste materials around the affected region and then the surgical ulcer is healed with external medicines.
  • Piles as well as Fistulas are being treated with this special technique.
  • In my clinical practice,I am treating a lot of piles patients daily.
  • Patients are treated only with oral medications and no more surgical procedure is carried out here.
  • Bleeding piles cases (1st degree) respond very well with oral medicines.
  • Rectal bleeding is arrested very quickly even in the second day.
  • The treatment is continued for at least 40days.
  • Patients with First degree and Second degree piles are treated successfully with oral medicines.
  • Severe pain and rectal irritation come to control fully within a month.
  • All of that patients are satisfactorily treated and they are totally free from their irritating symptoms after treatment.
  • Constipation is then managed with die tics and simple Siddha bowel regulators.
  • But in the 3rd and 4th degree cases, oral drug action is not satisfactory and so I use to refer the patients to surgical experts for further managements.
  • Anal fissures are also treated successfully in siddha medicine.
  • Patients are strictly advised to drink plenty of oral fluids.[2-3 liters approx daily]
  • Chilly,fried foods,non-vegetarian items,alcohol & smoking are advised to avoid fully.
  • Patients are advised to take fibre foods like vegetables and fruits for easy & smooth bowel.Prolonged sitting in a particular position is to be avoided.


  • Patients should be very careful about the advertisements like "CURE FOR PILES IN 3 DAYS".
  • All of the rectal problems are not Piles.
  • All of the problem related to piles can't be cured by medicines.


Dr.L.Padmaram Chandra, B.S.M.S., said...
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Dr.L.Padmaram Chandra, B.S.M.S., said...

A good work by Dr.Selvin. He has written nicely about piles and its complication. He gives a clearcut image about the siddha absuers in the name of piles.Good work Dr best wishes.

Dr.M.Selvin Innocent Dhas said...

Viewer's mail-1

Hello Doctor,
I have read your writing in the "Sidha cures" blog spot, about piles.
It has answered most of my doubts regarding piles.
Can you please tell me what kind of medicine we can take for the first level of piles?

Thank you very much,
Yours Truly,

Dr.Selvin's reply

Hello ........,

I am treating the piles patients with Siddha medicine.

The medicine will be in the form of powder/tablet/Leghium form -according to the

condition of patient.



Ian said...

Thanks for all the information, it help me a lot, i once have a false diagnosis in one of the clinics and i have treated not very well, you, see, my rectal aches always comes back, but thanks to this, it was already gone.

Treat Hemorrhoids

Anonymous said...

Hello Doctor,I have piles.I am not getting any bleeding.But I have itching.Sometimes it came out and sometimes it will go inside.What is the cure for this.I am 25 years old.Please help me.

Prem Kumar said...

Hello Doctor,
I have burning and paining while passing stool for past 11 days but not bleeding. At starting stage i defecate hardly. but now for past 3 days stool comes easy but paining and burning is still remains...after defecation the burning remains for 10 minutes..what is this problem..what i have to do..

Anonymous said...

Hello Doctor, I am having fistula problem for more than 6 months, i have tried many herbal and homeopathic medicines but nothing cured me completely. I am getting puss and have 2 wounds, can i get treated without surgery

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