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  • Nowadays many patients of various age groups suffer with "Chronic cough"
  • Chronic cough patent's sufferings are highly irritable to them and the persons around them.
  • Cough followed by a viral infection or Throat infection,lasting for 7days to 10days is normal.
  • But it should be treated with care when the duration of cough is more than10days.
  • Patient is investigated thoroughly in such condition to rule out whether any other existing disease is there.
  • Patients are enquired deeply about the colour of phlegm whether yellow,green,or blood mixed/wheezing/weight loss/etc.
  • In the modern system of medicine the reasons like postnasal drip, asthma and gastroesophageal reflux are said to be the reasons for 'chronic cough'.
  • Also in the modern medicine,they treat this problem with decongestants, bronchodilators or histamine H2 antagonists or anti-allergics.
  • The following factors should be kept in mind while treating a case of chronic cough.
  • They are #Tobacco-induced bronchitis,#Pneumonia, #bronchitis, #ACE inhibitor induced cough, #Tuberculosis ,#Asthma, #congestive heart failure ,#Occupational & environment cause, #Postnasal drip,#Sinusitis ,#Gastro-esophageal reflux disease and #Cancer.
  • I am really very proud to say that Siddha medicine heals 'Chronic cough' successfully.
  • In my clinical experience, I have treated a lot of chronic cough sufferers with Siddha medicine.
  • All of the patients get very good results in a very short period of 10 days to 15 days.
  • The sufferers feel about the CURE as a MIRACLE that they are already under regular treatment for a long period from other medical experts.
  • More over they have spend a lot, for the investigations and treatment.
  • Patients who come with this problem for Siddha treatment,are mostly in advanced stage.
  • They are even not able to express their complaints freely, due to the disturbing continuous cough.
  • In my medical practice,I can assure this patients that It is curable within 10 days with confident.But the treatment should be continued for at least 40 days for a satisfactory result.
  • The patients who consume the medicine with it's rules and regulations,will get proper response in a short duration.
  • We can assure 100% result to anybody regarding this with full faith in SIDDHA SYSTEM OF MEDICINE.



DEVG said...

Dear all,
I have been suffering with neuro problems for the last 1 year. I started having twitching in the arms, legs and thighs. I undergone the nerve conduction study which did not reveal anything. The EMG test done 4 months back did not reveal any significant muscle wastings. But Now I feel more muscle weekness and cramps. I am worried about Motor Neuron dicesase. Is there a cure for MND in Sidhha?

V. Sundarapandiyan said...

My name is sundar i am suffering from Vericose Vein problem. I had an operation already but still its not cured completely, and now it affected the other leg as well. Now English Medicine doctors say the only solution is operation again which i dont like...
Is there a solution for that in siddha medicine?

Dr.M.Selvin Innocent Dhas said...

Dear devg,
You are advised to look for a MRI Cervical spine... to rule out cervical myalopathy problem.
I don't believe that your problem is related to MND.

Anonymous said...

Natuopathy and natural foods are the cure for everything medicine can do support not full cure

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