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  • This is about one of my delightful cases in my medical practice .
  • The patient was an old woman of age65.
  • She consulted me with her daughter before 5years(2003) with the following problems.

1.foul smelling and

2.blood stained vaginal discharge

3.pain in the low back and abdomen


5.loss of appetite and

6.weight loss.

  • I have suspected malignant disorder (cancer).
  • The patient seek ed remedy only for her foul smelling vaginal discharge.
  • She also requested, not to treat her other existing problems.
  • As this type of request is common among Indian people especially in woman,I neglected her request as usual and advised to consult the nearby Gynaecologist to rule out malignant disease.

*Ultra sound scanning,

*Pap smear test

*Per-vaginal examination(PV)

*biopsy -were carried out.


  • The Gynaecologist suggested that,the patient was in critical condition.
  • She also explained about the risk of surgery at that time.(DOING SURGERY IN STAGE-3 MAY AGGRAVATE THE SEVERITY OF DISEASE) and advised to treat her conservatively for some more years.
  • The life-span of the old woman was declared for few more years to her family members.(Five-year survival rates are about 40%.as per text book of onchology).
  • The patient consulted me again and discussed about cure in Siddha treatment.
  • I have given my open reply that I could only treat the patient, but not assure a little.
  • As there was no more effective treatment options even in other systems, they started Siddha medicine.
  • I have treated her with effective anti-tumour drugs said as per ancient Siddha literature.
  • Remarkable results, the patient got in the very first 15 days itself.
  • The expected result of the patient which was the foul smell disappeared in 15 days.
  • Gradually the other symptoms came down in the course.
  • The patient got wonderful response after 3 months of treatment and began to do her routine works as earlier.
  • Excessive vaginal discharge was completely nil after treatment.
  • The patient was in un-expected pleasure.
  • I advised her to continue medicines and haemetenics for some more months to get maximum results.
  • Also suggested the patient to re-check and consult the Gynaecologist I've previously referred.
  • But the patient collapsed my expectation and not agreed to go for further checkups.
  • The patient terminated the treatment herself.
  • I could not taste the "fruit of treatment" and really it was very bitter to me.
  • Totally I forgot the patient then.
  • I was really surprised on seeing the same patient last week at my consultation room with her daughter after 5 years.
  • Now the patient is good looking and gained some weight also.
  • Nobody can say now that she is a cancer patient.
  • I have asked about her health.She answered with happy to all of my questions.
  • Now "she is again having increased vaginal discharge- mixed with blood" since a month.
  • No more foul smell at all now.
  • She requested me to treat her problems now......
  • Now, I am confused to treat this particular patient,

(The patient is now again under my treatment)



Dr Norman Blumenthal said...

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Charles said...

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tapioo tapioo said...

Thanks for or information .... My mom also having same problem she is 45 yrs old ... Now v take siddha treatment in someone, in case it should failure means can u treat my mom...

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