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  • This is my own experience in treating alcohol addicts with Herbal De-addiction drug at my clinic.
  • I am sincerely sharing you about the drug action and the changes observed in my patients.


  • The drug is in the form of ''powder'', and administered by mixing the drug with food particles,with or without the knowledge of patient.
  • The patients who come voluntarily to stop alcohol by themselves,are getting very rapid results.
  • They are advised to take the medicine regularly in the morning with milk or any health drink.
  • ''Curry'',''Chudney'',''Coffee"' & ''Tea'' are the common vehicles for administration usually in the patients who are taking the drug without their knowledge.
  • No taste or smell is felt in the drug and it is the only great advantage in the cases who are being treated indirectly.
  • If the patient consume alcohol during treatment,vomiting or some unpleasant feeling occurs.
  • The family members or the person who is responsible to the patient is already explained about this difficulty.
  • After few days of drug administration, the patient use to leave their alcoholic friends and get a tendency to go their home in time.
  • This tendency is observed mostly in all of the cases.
  • Gradually in a short period of 7 to 10 days,the patient withdraw alcohol completely.
  • In this time, patient feels very tired and seek the reason for tiredness.Actually the reason of tiredness is due to the absence of alcohol in the circulation.
  • The patient is advised to take additional foods like FRUIT JUICES & VEGETABLE SOUP to maintain the energy balance.
  • The respondent of the patient is strictly advised not to open the secret of giving drug to him.It will collapse all the above positive results.


  • A minimum period of 3 months without fail is advised for very good results.
  • Even then the drug may be continued with intervals to get the maximum performance.
  • More than 90% result is experienced in my patients.
  • Few patients who are not getting drugs regularly as prescribed are consuming alcohol later.... but not as past.


  • It is advised to take the medicine as prescribed without fail.
  • If the medicine is properly administered,NO DOUBT WE WILL GET 100% RESULTS.



rajesh said...

Hi Selvin,

very nice to see your post about controlling alcohol. it will save lots of families and the credit owes to you.

could you please let me know the address ar contact of your office in chennai. i'm badly need for it.
thanks in advance.

Care and Concern Rehab said...

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Naina Rajput said...

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Ariba Khanam said...

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Naina Rajput said...

Nice post…
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Rozina Faridi said...

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Bushra Parveen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suresh Rana said...

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Bushra Parveen said...

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Md Saalim said...

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nina dhankhar said...

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Hashmi Dawakhana said...

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Abouth Herbal said...

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TulsiDrops said...

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