Friday, October 19, 2007


  • Dandruff is a common hair problem characterised by itching & scalling of white skin peals from the scalp.
  • Dandruff is made up of small pieces of dead skin that peel from the scalp as a result of the effects of metabolism.
  • The sufferers feel discomfort in the public placesand among friends as an 'image problem'
  • There is still controversy in the modern research scholers whether dandruff is caused by 'fungus' or by 'excessive sebum production of the scalp'.
  • Exact reason for this problem is not declared yet.
  • Hormonal imbalance, poor health,poor hygiene,lack of rest,emotional stress,excessive consumption of sugar, fat, starch,improper nutrition,heredity predisposition are all said to be the cause for DANDRUFF.
  • In fact, there is no established relationship between dandruff and loss of hair.
  • Dermatologists treat dandruff with shampoos and some anti allergic drugs.
  • Anti-Fungal agents and antibiotics also be used in secondary infections.


  • There is no specififc literature evidence about Dandruff in the Siddha system.
  • But Siddha medicine plays very good role in treating dandruff.
  • Internal as well as External medicine both are essential to treat dandruff.
  • Siddha medicine respond very well and reduces the incidents of recurrances.

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