Thursday, September 27, 2007


  • Tinea infection also known as superficial'Fungal' infection, is a irritable problem to the sufferers.
  • It is characterised by Itching,irritation and blackish disclouration of the superfcial skin of the body.
  • Patients suffer a lot when secondary infection co-insists.
  • Tinea infection occurs anywhere in the body and named as per it's localisation.
  • Tinea carporis-scalp,Tinea barbae-face,Tinea paedis-foot etc.
  • In siddha system of medicine, It is called as 'PADAR THAMARAI'
  • 100%cure for this problem is experienced in my clinical practice.
  • Eventhough resistant cases, who failed in other system of medicine, get cured in Siddha system of medicine.
  • External medicine as well as internal medicine are essential in treating Tinea infection
  • Usually the Tinea infected patients withdraw medicine whenever they get symptomatic relief,but the medicines must be taken as prescribedby the physician for complete relief.
  • Usually 'soap' used by the patients aggravate their symptoms due to the presence of sodium hydroxide and pottasium hydroxide.
  • Foods like 'dry fish','brinjal' & 'tomato' are advised to be avoided in the skin casesas per Siddha literatures which aggravate itching by stimulating HISTAMINS.
  • Hundreds of Tinea patients are treated with sucess in my clinic and I can say that SIDDHA MEDICINE IS ABSOLUTLY SAFE TO TREAT TINEA INFECTIONS.


T.K. Srinivasan said...

I am suffering from vitiligo (intial stages) and taking treatment of siddha medicine. Doctor has given medicine LeucoD, Molenorm Ointment & Parangipatti churnam, ayyagandha chenduram. I am taking this medicines for the past two months. I would like to know how long I have to take these medicines. When it will get cured. Is there any medicine than this which will cure fast. I want soloution for this. Kindly help to proceed further.

Dr.M.Selvin Innocent Dhas said...

Dear Srinivasan,
continue the same medicine for 1 more
month... Usually black spots will appear within 40 days to 3 months.
If you are not getting satisfactory results we may go for the next step.
Kindly inform the areas affected, and
pls send me the photograph mentioning the spot affected to my yahoo mail ><

Amir said...

As Srinivasan said he get cure by using Siddha medicine and find good results. it shoes that siddah medicine is realy a good medicine for the cure of vitiligo. And hence by the Srinivasan comment it has been prooved that for every disease there is a cure. Unlike as it is commonly said regarding vitiligo that is hard to cure see Anti-vitiligo and other vitiligo sites for the proof of my comments.

aeron said...

i have padar thamarai ... how to cure it ????? say pls

rajan said...

i hav padar thamarai.pls say how to cure?

sridhar said...

I have this problem for the pat one year. May I know the cure ? I am in Chennai.

Kalyan said...

Please help me I am having ringworm for the past 6 months I need permanent cure . I am in chennai how could I contact you

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