Saturday, September 22, 2007


  • Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder which affects all systems of our body, if it is not treated or managed in right way.
  • The Diabatic patients who care themselves with ''strict medication", "diet controle","regular exercise""avoiding "alcohol & smoking" and "systemic life style" usually escape from it's dreadful effects.
  • They are safer persons than non-Diabetics.
  • IT'S TRUE.
  • In our Country, the diabatic people are not much educated about the disease & it's complications.It is the most important cause for the serious after effects therewith.
  • The very common complications include Heart attacks,Stroke,Kidney failure and non-healing Ulcers.
  • 30% of the diabetic patients are never mind about their problem and 10%of them are affected seriously.
  • Diabetic patients have to take medicines regularly.
  • But many of them are not taking medicines as prescribed by the physicians,but irregularly taking as per the advice of ignorant neighbours.
  • I have met a lot of such patients, who affected seriously later.
  • "CURE OF DIABETES-IN 5 DAYS" like advertisements are seen in many areas nowadays.Is it true???
  • People should know one thing, that no medicines like these are told in the original Siddha literatures and are usually created by money-makers

So never try shortcuts to 'cure' diabetes.

  • Siddha medicine tells a lot of methods to prevent Diabetes.
  • Excellent medicines to treat Diabetics also available, but regular blood tests and other relevant investigations must be done during medication.Diet,Drill with Drugs [ 3-D's] will give very good results in Siddha medicine.
  • The herbs of Siddha medicine control blood sugar without any harmful effects also give the patient, strength and well being.
  • The usual tiredness felt in Dietetics is almost nil in the Siddha medicine users.
  • The early Dietetics can try Siddha medicine alone in 3-D pattern with observation by a Siddha physician.
  • Chronic patients should try along with the medicines they are already taking
  • Never be cheated by Siddha abusers.




Suresh said...

Very Useful information about Diabetes Mellitus

Dr.L.Padmaram Chandra, B.S.M.S., said...

Well said doctor. Its the first wake up call made by you against the quake siddha practitioners. You must continue to make awareness among the public against such things. Best of luck.The information about Diabetes is very useful.

generic levitra online said...

Hey very useful information.Thank you for sharing this informative post.

parvathi said...

There is one karu-vanga parpam method that will cure diabets with in 3 days. I read it one old book (thereiyar book) . It involves puran soru (kariyan purru inside - soft part)


iam from hyderabad gmail id : and i have seen the medicine for diabetics and
there is a plant called insulin
iam doing research about this diabetics and diabetics neuropathy
i got some herbs for diabetics
and some for the diabetics neuropathy
but important thing is the diet intake and reformat the diet like a small baby then cured completely
my GURU LORDSHIVA AND dont know who iam iam searching what iam ?


diabetics caused by sins of our past life written in the books
is is not disease is a curse
hell in the living life
who ever having the diabetics neuropathy will go directly to heaven written in the books
and they always seeing the hell in real life with that pain
iam having the both medicines free of cost cost is patience efforts and respecting the time

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