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  • BEFORE TREATMENT-4 This is to share my recent successful entry of a Chronic psoriasis patient.
  • The patient is 33 yrs male, owning a provision shop.
  • He is suffering from terrible skin disease called Psoriasis.
  • Duration of visible skin lesion was for 10 years approx- which originated from the scalp.
  • He was diagnosed as psoriasis, only after the severe body spread followed by a viral infection.
  • More than 90% of his body surface including palms ,soles and Nails were affected.
  • He suffered with intolerable itching in the body lesion, difficulty in walking due to cracked and infected foot and mental depression.
  • He was under regular consultation with a leading dermatologist with external application like lotion along with steroids and anti allergic medicine internally for more than 9 years.
  • He was not responding with the minimum doses of steroids later, and was committed to increase the dose grossly.
  • Even after the treatment his skin lesion was not responding but he could not terminate the terrible steroid dosage in order to control his intolerable itching and pain.
  • He developed Type-2 Diabetes mellitus and Cataract with hepato –spleno meglai followed by the treatment.
  • He was referred to me for Siddha treatment by one of my colleagues.
  • The patient consulted me at my clinic before 3 months as a new patient.
  • He was really looked pathetic and could not sit freely in a position due to itching and irritation
  • His commitment was shocking that he developed suicidal tendency recently.
  • I have decided to treat with specially made Siddha medicines for his critical problem and gave active counseling for his mental instability.
  • Now after 60 days of treatment , the patient recovered from his severe symptoms dramatically.
  • He is 100% free from his symptoms now and under my observation and treatment.
  • He is strictly advised to continue the treatment for at least 6 months to prevent severe aggravations.
  • Therapeutic effect of a particular medicine to same kind of patients differ grossly- no doubt but in this case I felt the ultra speed of Siddha medicine.



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