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  • Low back pain is a common problem among people.
  • Majority of the sufferers usually seek 'PAIN CLINICS' for relief.
  • But it should be noticed if the pain radiates to the leg.
  • It may be SCIATICA.


  • Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and controls the muscles of the back of thigh, knee and lower leg and provides sensation.
  • Sciatica is a form of peripheral neuropathy with symptoms associated with low back pain with shooting pain down the leg.
  • Sciatica is a set of symptoms including pain or irritation of one of five nerve roots that give rise to the sciatic nerve.
  • The pain is felt in the lower back, buttock, back of thigh,back of knee joint (popleteal area),back side of leg up to heel and foot.In addition to pain,there may be numbness, muscular weakness, and difficulty in moving or controlling the leg.
  • Sciatic pain symptoms are felt only on one side of the body.
  • The treatment for sciatica or sciatic symptoms will often be different, depending upon the underlying cause of the symptoms.


  • Compression of the sciatic nerve causes pain.
  • Depending upon the severity of nerve compression,symptoms occur-sometimes causing permanent damage to the nerve.
  • Sciatica is generally caused by the compression of lumbar nerves L4 or L5 or sacral nerves S1, S2 or S3.


  • The usual causes are direct trauma such as injection injury,fractures of the pelvis, gunshot wounds, or other trauma to the buttocks or thigh.
  • prolonged external pressure on the nerve, and pressure on the nerve from nearby body structures.
  • Prolonged sitting or lying with pressure on the buttocks may also injure it.
  • Systemic diseases, such as diabetes, can typically damage sciatic nerve.
  • Pressure from masses such as a tumor or abscess nearby the nerve may also cause harm to sciatic nerve.
  • Leading causes for Sciatica are Lumbar Bulging or Herniated Disc,Lumbar Spinal stenosis,Piriformis syndrome,Sacroilia joint dysfunction,Spondylolisthesis.Spinal tumours.


These tests include:

  • Spinal X-ray,
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
  • Computerised tomography(CT-scan)


  • sciatica can potentially cause permanent nerve damage.
  • Depending on what's causing the nerve to be compressed, other complications may occur, including Loss of feeling in the affected leg Loss of movement in the affected leg Loss of bowel or bladder function


  • Most of the sciatic cases respond to "self care measures" such as hot packs,stretching, exercise and pain relievers.

Beyond this self-care measures the following procedures also employed.

1.Prescription drugs:Anti-inflammatory medication along with a muscle relaxant,Narcotics,Tricyclic antidepressants and anti-convulsant drugs are being used for pain relief.

2.Physical therapy:Rehabilitation therapy typically includes exercises to help correct the posture, strengthen the muscles supporting our back and improve our flexibility.

3.Epidural Steroid Injection:It is used for resistant cases also in some sports injuries.


This is originated from China and used to relieve pain by stimulating certain vital points in the body with it's specific needle.

5.Yoga therapy:Some postures in Yoga give special effects to the sciatic pain also minimise recurrance.


It is carried out in significant progressive weakness,and incontinence of the bowel & urine or failure with other treatments.

7.Medical cannabis to control pain: This is use of the Cannabis sativa plant as a physician-recommended herbal therapy. So far, the medical use of cannabis is legal only in a limited number of territories, including Canada, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, and some U.S. states.


In Siddha system,spinal disorders and Sciatica related problems are dealt in "VATHA DISEASES"

The following 2 types of "VATHA" diseases correlate with Sciatic problem.

1.Asuva thamba vatham

2.Thandaga vatham.

These are described in "YUGI VAIDHYA CHINTHAMANI" by "YUGI SIDDHAR" clearly.


  • Vatha diseases or Rheumatic diseases are treated initially with laxatives and the internal medicine is then administered.
  • Some specialised medicines are being used for this laxative procedures which are also direct medicine for painful conditions.
  • Both internal and external medicines are used for Spinal diseases as well as Sciatica.
  • Massage with medicated oil which is a part of "THOKKANAM" is employed for Sciatica with very good results.
  • Other "THOKKANAM" method "TRACTION" is even now employed by the modern physiotherapist in the name of ELECTRONIC TRACTION.
  • Treatment is given as per the physical condition and severity of individual patients.


  • I am practicing Siddha medicine for 13 years, immediately after completing UG degree course.
  • I am confident with spinal disorders and it's treatment methods in Siddha system through late.Dr.D.Gnanadhas,BIM,MD [s/o.Late.Vaidhyar.DevasahayamAsan-Kattukadai,Kanyakumari District] during after my 4th year BSMS studies.
  • He taught me the fruitful fact- "SPINAL DISORDERS ARE TREATABLE IN SIDDHA SYSTEM SUCCESSFULLY" if the patient co-operate fully.
  • He proved it in thousands of spinal patients at his hospital.
  • I got the chance to be with him for a period-the golden period.
  • With that confidence,I have started treating spinal cases such as Sagana vatham (Cervical spondylosis),Thandaga vatham (Lumbar spondylosis),Perasana Narambu Thabitham (Sciatica),Lumbo-sacral strain,Disc prolapse,Degenerative diseases including Vertibral Basilar Insufficiency (VBI) with specially prepared Siddha medicines.
  • Except a few patients,most of them got excellent results within a short period.
  • I am really proud to say, that Siddha medicine is a reliable source for spinal diseases.



Dr.M.Selvin Innocent Dhas said...

Viewer from OMAN:

Dear Mr.Selvin, This disc bulge is life long problem or it can be cured.I need to undergo treatment with you.Basically I am put up at Chennai.Intimate me ur chennai address.

Dear ..........
Disc bulge problem must be handled with care.
The exact condition can be R/o in CT scan.
You should not try to jump from a high land/bus/train etc.Also try to avoid the chance
for injuries and falls.(avoiding certain adventures)
Serious disc problems are surgically treated by Orthopaedicians.
In Siddha system,we are treating such serious cases with internal medicines.
The prolapsed disc region which is usually cut in surgery is being settled in Siddha treatment methods.
I have seen many seriously affected cases with Success in Siddha treatment.
If you like to consult me, send me all of your medical reports by mail or post.
No other branches are available at Chennai.


Dear Mr.Selvin, Pleased to receive your mail.I will send you the scanned result of the MRI Scan report.I am working in Oman and here the treatment is not upto the limit and I need your help for giving some suggestion to reduce the pain.I am travelling from here next month to Chennai and I will meet you there in kanyakumari. By the way I am just using hotpack to reduce the pain.Whether i can use it or not?.Give me time being solution to keep it suppressed for another 1 month as I cannot move over there.Kindly empatise my horrible situation. Anticipating your valuable reply with some solution at the earliest. With warm regards,


Dear ..............
Hot pack is not harmful to you.
For pain relief, you can have pain relievers from Oman.
Anyway don't worry about your problem.If you cannot treat at oman without surgery,it is better to come india.
Lot of options are available here.


Dear Mr.Selvin, Upon checking the MRI report I noticed the disc desiccation at L5 -- S1 touching the nerve root.I also need to mention you that earlier I got knee joint pain.At that time there was no pain in the back,now there is no knee joint pain but there is pain at the back.I am using hot pack at the back to minimise the pain. Further whether this disc desiccation can be cured with Siddha Oil massage and internal medicines.By the way here there is kotakkal and I am taking Dhanvntaram for strengthening the back.Suggest for me some more solution other than pain killers as it is suppressing the pain for time being only.My job also very stressful especially this night shifts aggravating the problem much worse. Anticipating your reply.

SEQUENCE: THERE IS LOSS OF SIGNAL WITH POSTERIOR CONTROL SUB LIGAMENTOUS DISC HERNIATION AT L5- S1 LEVEL,CAUSING INDENTATION OVER ANTERIOR THECAL SAC CAUSING ANAL AREA NARROWING & IMPINGING UPON BILATERAL EXITING ROOTS. Is this a serios problem or we can solve it with out surgery.Please give me your comment on the above result.If it really serious I will move to India immediately to consult with you. Thanks for patronizing me, With warm

Dear sir,
Complete rest with continious treatment is advisable to your problem.
Surgery or not deponds upon your tolerance and confident on Siddha system.
Certain physiotherapy methods( traditional method now with modern equipments ) will be useful to reduce symptoms.
Surgery can be done,but the surgeons could not assure anybody for complete cure.
I can try your problem with specially made Siddha medicines,if you agree with me and ready to spend some months for treatment.
Early treatment without delay is advisable.
You can continue our furthur discussions after paying the online consultation fee........

Dear Mr.Selvin, Thanks for your feedback.I need to pay online consultation utilizing credit card or forwarding a payorder to you.I will follow it upon your advice.Anyway I am coming there next month and I would appreciate if you could tell me how many months it would take for treatment so that I can plan myself accordingly & apply for the leave. Further I am very much confident that Siddha System would cure fully.For the time being ie., till end of this month I can discuss with you after paying the fees.
Thanking you,

Dear ...........
You can remit the consultation fee in the following A/c
You are requested to discuss more, after the payment.
I am eager to answer your valuable questions,in detail.
Rest is very important now for you.

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