Friday, June 6, 2008


  • I am sharing my, experience regarding one of my patients who has relieved from his difficult urinary symptoms and the bad experience during the course of treatment.
  • The patient is 48years male.
  • He is working as a building worker in Soudhi Arabia.
  • He used to avoid passing urine while working, in the previous years.
  • Gradually some urinary problem developed to him.
  • In due course, he was not able to control his urine for even 30 minutes.
  • He felt pain in the lower abdomen and urethra up to Testes ,when his urinary bladder was partially filled.
  • He had to pass urine more frequently during his routine works in the day time and at night.
  • He consulted the physicians there and was diagnosed as a mass in the Urinary bladder.
  • Immediately he was urged for biopsy.
  • The patient was not willing to continue treatment in Arabia and returned home-India for treatment.
The patient consulted me at my clinic and has reported the following Clinical features:
*Pain in the supra pubic region during full bladder.
*Urgency of urination,
*Obstructed urine flow,
*Increased frequency of urination at nights 8-10times,
*Burning urination.

  • I have suggested for Ultra Sound Scan KUB view and a routine blood test.
  • USG findings-revealed bilateral Renal calculi of 5mm size and Specks of calcification(calculi?)6.9mm seen adherent to Rt.infero lateral bladder wall with a normal bladder wall thickness.
  • Routine blood report:
    Differential count-P-65% L-28% E-5% M-2%
    Haemoglobin-13.9 gm%
    Blood Urea-25 mg%
    Serum Creatinin-1.08 mg%
  • I have referred the patient to the nearby leading Uro-surgeon for expert opinion.
  • Cystoscopy was done there reported as Trigonal Nodular cystic mass in the bladder.
  • The patient was advised for biopsy.
  • The patient refused to do biopsy and pledged the Uro-surgeon for symptomatic relief.
  • Treatment was done there for a month without any marked improvements except a little pain relief and he was again advised for biopsy.
  • As the patient was not co-operating for biopsy,the uro-surgeon sent back the patient to me without any proper reply.
  • The patient was still in trouble.He was not able to tolerate the pain in the lower abdomen and the other symptoms regarding.
  • The patient requested me for Siddha treatment.
  • As our Siddha system of medicine have excellent curative methods for Genito-Urinary disorders, I have started treatment to the patient without the biopsy examination.
  • The patient assured to investigate fully during treatment.
  • After the first week of treatment,the patient returned me with bright face, and thanked me with confidence.
  • The intolerable pain he felt for years was reduced more than 60% in the very initial set of treatment.
  • He continued the treatment for 25 days more.
  • Wonderful results he has got that his Urine flow came to normal without obstruction and he relieved a lot from his dreadful night frequency of urine.
  • He shared his joy with me and his family.
  • I have advised him to do a CT scan KUB region before going for a biopsy.
  • But, I was so much disturbed when I came to know that the patient has left to Soudhi Arabia and joined to his routine job again not properly informing me.
  • The real thing is that the patient has relieved symptomatically in the short course of Siddha treatment…but not like to investigate.
  • The cost for doing that investigation is not at all the factor for not doing that -but it is an usual habit among many of Indians that they don’t like to accept a disease.
  • Anyway I have missed a proper diagnosis.
  • The patient is really very lucky,otherwise the existing problem a malignant one [cancer groth].



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