Sunday, September 9, 2007


These are photos of eczema,an allergic skin disease.....

  • It is a challenge to the doctors of all systems.
  • Even skin specialists afraid to say good words to the patients about it's cure.
  • The serious symptoms related to this can be treated with medicines.
  • Specialists do a lot of allergy tests to the patients to find the cause.But what to do....treatment is not bright.
  • The patients expect a lot from doctors.They don't know that it cannot be cured fully.
  • Persons who have a proper cure for this,kindly reply for the well being of patients..!!!

1 comment:

Shajudeen said...

dear Dr.,
i have some questions,
1.Is karappan the name for eczema in siddha literature? have mentioned that it is tough to treat eczema - does all the types are tough?
3. i was a smoker, the skin lessions possibly eczema appeared after two weeks when i stopped smoking. is there any relation?


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